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The Smuggler by Ronan Noone
Urbanite Theatre

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Scenic Design: Frank Chavez
Lighting Design: Sim Carpenter & Alex Pinchin
Costume Design: Dee Sullivan
Stage Management: Tori Heikenfeld
Props and Scenic Dressing: Amanda LaForge
Sound Design: Sean Ragan

Cast: Giles Davies
Photography by: Dylan Jon Wade Cox

"Entertaining as hell. This is art imitating art imitating life, after all. But it all seems believable, thanks to Ragan’s direction. He also has a great ear for the music of Noone’s seductive wordplay. " -The Observer

"A masterful performance...A level of excellence we rarely have the chance to witness in person." -Bradenton Times

"Captivating...Davies is truly a charmer throughout and Ragan has staged the play so it always feels like Tim is stepping away from the bar to tell the story." -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"In the hands of playwright Ronan Noone, director Brendan Ragan and actor Giles Davies, this look at different aspects of the immigrant experience in America is clever, entertaining and thought-provoking."
-Sarasota Magazine

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