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The Drowning Girls by Daniela Vlaskalic , Beth Graham and Charlie Tomlinson

Urbanite Theatre

Regional Premiere

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Scenic Design: Rew Tippin

Lighting Design: Ryan Finzelber

Costume Design: Riley Leonhardt

Stage Management: Amanda LaForge

Original Score & Sound Design: Sean Ragan

Props: Daniel Kelly

Cast: Carley Cornelius, Katherine Michelle Tanner, Nicole Jeanine Smith


Photography by Cliff Roles & Ryan Finzelber

"As impressive as the play itself, is Ragan and co-founder Summer Dawn Wallace’s continued ability to attract top flight actors with off-the-beaten path plays in order to inject a breath of new life onto the local theater scene." 

-Bradenton Times

"Ragan takes you up, he takes you down and plants your feet back firmly on the ground. Then the funhouse ride ends, and you can’t believe it’s over."   


"Everything about the current production of The Drowning Girls at Urbanite Theatre is imaginative and ethereally beautiful."    -Bradenton Herald

"The play creates a wonderful framework for director Brendan Ragan and his three-member cast to stage it in imaginative ways, which they do. As a result, they draw in the audience by the victims’ wants, needs and family pressures as we are reminded how women were treated as second-class and subservient to the men in their lives at the time."   -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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