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Breadcrumbs by Jennifer Haley

Urbanite Theatre

Regional Premiere

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Scenic Design: John C. Reynolds

Costume Design: Becki Leigh

Stage Management: Amanda LaForge

Properties: Daniel Kelly

Original Score & Sound Design: Sean Ragan


Cast: Brittany Proia, Barbara Redmond


Photography by Ryan Finzelber

"Brendan Ragan directs this lost-memory play with a restrained minimalism…and takes you to places unmarked on any map." -Observer

"Breadcrumbs is tautly directed by Brendan Ragan.... It’s not often that a theater makes its presence felt so rapidly; but already Urbanite has become well-nigh indispensable."   -Creative Loafing

"A fine work of theater that manages to delve deep into some very heady themes, while remaining ever accessible to a broad audience."   

-Bradenton Times

"All elements work beautifully together to create a gentle story of a writer’s past and present and the fuzzy future where she no longer has the control of how she is known or remembered."     -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

A smart, beautiful and emotionally devastating drama in a chilling production directed by Brendan Ragan."    -Bradenton Herald

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