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Reckless by Craig Lucas
FSU/Asolo Conservatory

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Scenic Design: Jeff Weber

Lighting Design: Chris McVicker

Costume Design: Sofia Gonzalez

Stage Management & Props: Rachel Morris

Sound Design: Alex Pinchin

Cast: Amber McNew, Brian Ritchie, Carla Corvo, Jillian Cicalese, Michael Judah, Jonathan Grunert, Creg Sclavi


Photography by: Frank Atura

"It’s a short, sharp, shock of a play. Brendan Ragan is the ideal director for it. He thrives in the fast lanes — and puts the pedal to the metal on the twists and turns of Lucas’ wild ride."    -The Observer

"In this fast-paced comedy, directed by Brendan Ragan, there are laughs and surprises as the absurdities of the ever-changing predicaments Rachel confronts escalate."    -Sarasota Magazine

"The real hero of this production is director Brendan Ragan. His production functions as an organic whole, seamless, in a style completely in sync with the quirkiness of the text."    -Talkin' Broadway

"It’s a lively production filled with offbeat, ironic humor, committed and varied performances and fluid staging by Conservatory graduate Brendan Ragan."         -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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