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Safe House 

An Immersive and Interactive Experience
Urbanite Theatre

Written and Directed by Brendan Ragan


Production Designer: Ryan Finzelber

Stage Managers: Nick Catanzaro, Amber McNew

Sound Designer: Sean Ragan

Master Carpenter: Gene Alcorn

Props and Painting: Lupita Susarrey


Line Producer/First AD/Editor: Shaun Greenspan

Director of Photography: Trishul Thejasvi

Costume Designer: Alison Gensmer

Sound Mixer / Boom: Rachel Cameron

Sound Mixer / Grip: Allen Clements

Cast: Chris Hayhurst, Krystal Mille Valdes
Voice Talent: Ptah Henri' Garvin, Alexandra Pelletier

Lauren Nielsen, Casey Murphy, Marjorie Kammerlohr

"If you need an escape from the dystopian reality of the present, Brendan Ragan’s immersive SAFE HOUSE offers an interlude of dystopian fiction at Urbanite Theatre...Ragan has written a tight script."    -The Observer

"A distinctively-original immersive-theater experience...Hats off to Brendan Ragan. Having to deal with COVID restrictions, Ragan has successfully built a better mousetrap within the theater."
-Bradenton Times

"Ragan has crafted an intriguing mystery that carefully unravels...Urbanite has found a way to bring people back into the theater for a safe and vastly different kind of theatrical experience.

-Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"It’s true that a crisis can often spur creativity. In the case of Urbanite Theatre, basically shut down for months during a viral pandemic, co-artistic director Brendan Ragan was driven to do something he’d been wanting to for a while—delve into the world of immersive, interactive theater."

-Sarasota Magazine

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