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The Burdens by Matt Schatz
Urbanite Theatre

Directed by Brendan Ragan

Scenic Design: Tom Hansen
Lighting Design: Ethan Vail
Costume Design: Alison Gensemer
Stage Management: Tori Heikenfeld
Sound Design: Alex Pinchin

Mordy: Jake Fallon
Jane: Morgan Lavenstein

Photography by: Dylan Jon Wade Cox

"Director Brendan Ragan brings this fractured fairy tale to life with pitch-perfect pacing. The music of Schatz’ comedic dialogue is first-rate. It’s not really natural speech, but it sounds like it. And it never settles into predictable set-up/punch line beats. Ragan hears the music." -The Observer

“A deliciously dark comedy! ... A thoughtfully-reflective look at familial relationships that will surely resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and experiences.” -Bradenton Times

"Lavenstein and Fallon have real chemistry. Under the spirited direction of Brendan Ragan, the theater’s co-artistic director, they do a masterful job of rolling with the fast-moving words, bringing depth to their characters and getting the audience involved and laughing or sighing in depressing recognition."
 -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Lavenstein and Fallon are well-paired here; under the direction of Urbanite co-artistic director Brendan Ragan, they are fun, sad and believable as a sister and brother who can wound each other deeply but still care." -Sarasota Magazine

"Under Ragan’s direction, the pair play off each other with all the rapid-fire rapport of true siblings. Their conversation dips and dives and splits off into tangents and fractures and comes together again at breakneck pace that leaves the audience with no choice but to take it all in like a rabble of flabbergasted eavesdroppers." -The Toadstool

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